What is event branding anyway?

Event branding is about developing positive views in the market for your event - this, in turn, increases your attendance and success.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve learned some valuable branding lessons working with top clients around the country. We know how to build all of the branding material, promotions, public relations and create the viral buzz around your event that gets customers lining up – and coming back year-after-year.

Find the right attitude.

Our team of branding experts knows how to create the right looks your customers will respond to. Finding the right design for digital signs, electronic posters, social media ads, even t-shirts all work towards creating the right attitude and promoting your event in the best way possible.

Create a buzz.

Create the right synergy for your brand and you can drive specialty sales like VIP tickets and backstage passes. Cogent knows how to build value and influence perceived value for ticket sales.

Great branding works in all mediums.

Our designers know how to work graphics and build the right promotions across all different mediums, be it digital, social, print, radio, broadcast or outdoor.

Outdoor advertising is especially effective in event promotion as it can be targetted in geographic proximity and timed to the event window.