What design & production services do you offer?

We help clients by creating and producing materials pertaining to the event. We do stage and lighting designs, conference sets designs, tradeshow booth designs, presentation room staging, and more.

We even setup full audio/visual recording, handle live streaming of events, plan elaborate laser light shows, 3D projection mapping – you name it, we can do it. We present clients with options and ideas for creating engaging event experiences.


Lighting affects everything. It sets the tone, creates the energy and must be closely choreographed at an event like a concert. Cogent knows lighting and can design anything from a simple set to a complex rock-concert.

Whether it’s a tradeshow presentation, corporate event, award ceremony or musical event – lighting plays a key part in how the event will look and feel to the attendees.


Your event can be captured in pristine high-definition (4k) digital by Cogent. We have the best audio/visual equipment in the world and the production teams that know how to make the most of it. As part of the design and production of your event, we’ll show you options to capture and monetize your event.

We can even deploy high-definition cameras on drones to capture your event from the air. After the event, the aerial footage can be used to promote next years event and drive excitement and sales.


When it comes time to document, broadcast, live-stream your event, you can rest assured our production crews are working hard behind the scenes to catch the right angles and have set-the-stage to get the highest production value possible.

Our makeup, wardrobe, and film-crews make sure every detail is perfect so performances, interviews with executives, and even presentation venues have high-production value.

Can you also help produce the designs?

Absolutely. Our customers have confidence in not only design work, but also in our ability to produce these designs, to spec, and within the scope of the allocated budget.

Our production team works closely with clients to develop the look that meets their needs and fits within their budget. Once a design is finalized, our production teams take over and build out the design to spec. Our logistics team ships and manages the setup of clients exhibits to ensure a smooth event, every time.

Quality Engineering

With over 30 years of production experience behind us, Cogent engineers know their business and how to build event materials that are structurally sound and most importantly, are safe for everyone.

With Cogent, you are able to focus on the event itself and leave the logistics behind it to us.

Do you offer graphic design services?

We sure do. Our graphic designers help our clients to build their brand and produce all forms of collateral marketing material and digital promotions for the event.

We have years of both print production and digital promotion experience behind us. Our designers know how to create visuals that work in all forms of media – including social media posts. Each is trained in color theory and has experience working with the even industry.

The theory of color.

Finding the right colors to match the brand and that appeal to the audience in the specific setting and on a defined element of a set takes careful planning. Some colors do not reproduce accurately on some materials. Others will not show up the same under certain lighting. Other colors don’t work well together.

Our designers know how to work the colors to get the job done right.

Effective color use.

Knowing the theory of color and being able to apply it are two distinctly different things. Many design teams are good with color. Cogent’s team is great with color. And trust us, when it comes to being noticed – color is a powerful tool in branding.

Our graphic design team can work colors into brand promotions that are both eye-catching and effective.

The bottom line.

We can provide you with the full suite of services needed to go from concept to event.

Cogent is just the right size to handle your needs. We’re small enough where we care about every project and we’re big enough to offer every service needed to execute an amazing event for your company.