Cogent offers its clients cutting-edge virtual facility management tools.

Our clients can manage events using our virtual space planning and sponsorship management tools.

These time-saving tools enable us to rapidly plan events with clients and track the smallest of details together even though the client, Cogent and the facility may be in three separate locations. Meeting organizers are able to benefit from this efficient system and realize both cost and time savings.


Cogent’s team works closely with event organizers to manage the facility and build out the event to match the goals outlined by our clients. We use the latest software and communications systems to facilitate the exchange of information between all parties.

Virtual is great. No doubt about it. But there are still times when facility management requires boots on the ground and we do that too – onsite and in person.

Production Services.

At Cogent, we strive to ensure your event goes as planned. Your speakers, staff, and attendees will all appreciate a well-planned and well-executed production. We collaborate with suppliers and venues as well as producers and planners to make sure pre-production planning, as well as post-production dismantling, is organized.

Our services include stage management, custom and stock scenery, audio-visual services, logistics management, show calling, simultaneous interpretation, technical coordination and services, and more. We work with clients from start to finish to provide a seamless production.

Audio/Visual & Lighting Design

The senses are part of what get your message across and expand your brand. What your audience sees and hears makes a lasting impression. Combining audio and visual technologies to create an unforgettable experience is our ultimate goal.

Sounds and sights stimulate the senses and can change the mood in a room immediately. Some lighting options make people excited, whereas others make people calm. Regardless what kind of lighting you feel would set the tone best for your presentation, we can provide it.

Our specialized team knows exactly what kind of lighting will transform ordinary rooms into either bright and exhilarating or darker and more laid-back rooms.

Bring on the tech!

Audiences demand to be entertained. This requires presentations to use the latest and greatest technologies to compete for the audiences attention at events.

Our team has access to the most recent technologies, including 3D projection mapping, plasma screens, multi-functional projectors, edge blending tools, playback strategies, and more. Whether you are looking for a consistent mood or a dynamic one, you can trust that our team has the skills, experience, and tools needed to fulfill your vision and relay your story to the audience.

Edge Blending Technology

Edge Blending technology allows us to create massive projections onto walls.

We can blend and seamlessly tile images as large as you want.


At events, Edge Blending lets you scale the visual to exceed normal limitations.


You can even wrap and bend the shape of the projection to fit curves an hit different planes.

Edge Blending lets us scale projections onto huge surfaces.

3D Projection Mapping On Building


3D projection mapping allows us to map a projection onto a real-world object.

The creative possibilities for this technology are endless.


At events, 3D projection mapping is great for drawing a crowd and adding impact to your space.


3D Projection mapping is an eye-catching attraction at any event.

Cogent Webcast

We live-stream your event to the world via our webcast technologies. This expands your audience to a global platform.

Video On-Demand

We help clients monetize their event by recording, editing then releasing their event for on-demand video consumption.

Presentation Management

We offer unique technical solutions to presenters to help them give flawless presentations to their audiences.