What marketing and promotional services do you offer?

We provide our clients with a full suite of promotional services from social media advertising, radio, broadcast, print, outdoor advertising and specialty advertising.

When we meet with a client to set attendance goals and to create projections, our experience with event marketing really shines. We understand how different types of events can best be marketed and we bring this experience to the table to help you set expectations and budgets.

Social Media is huge.

Never underestimate the power of social media. Using this tool Cogent is able to cost-effectively market events and create a viral buzz around your event to drive attendance and ticket sales.


Outdoor advertising for events is a proven way to drive attendance. Use the brand building expertise of Cogent and strategically advertise your next event.

We also offer direct-response print promotions for events to build attendance.

Stay Connected.

Promotions are all about staying connected with your audience. This means you need to develop ways to build event lists that grow and are maintained. This can be an ongoing process Cogent can help you foster.

Cogent knows how to get the audience to join up. Give them special members-only access to backstage video feeds … announcements during the event can drive the sign-up – QR codes can be placed around the event for the same purpose. Think ‘re-marketing opportunity’ for merchandise and re-attendance campaigns.

Motivating people to talk about your event is easier than you would think – but it does take guidance and an understanding of social incentives.