Getting you ready for the main event.

Cogent can recruit and manage entertainers that draw crowds and engage with your audience at events. We know how to build a theme and bake a brand message into the theme presented to the audience.

Whether it’s a presentation to a small group of dozens or an internationally broadcast live-streaming event in front of millions, our team knows how to get you prepared and is standing by to solve any unforeseen¬†events.


Cogent knows how to put on a show for clients. Attracting an audience and captivating them can be the difference between success and failure at major events where you’re competing for attention.

Finding the right talent, reviewing them, creating a tight script and setting the stage for the entertainment is something we do well.

Speech Preparation.

At many events, our clients will speak to the public at various points. Cogent works with clients to prepare the speakers to deliver their best discourse possible.

Cogent offers technical solutions that allow planners and speakers to prepare and manage their presentations, so there is no need for paper. It allows real-time updates and can manage a slew of digital presentation materials, so speakers can be confident their presentation is ready and available when they need it.

Cogent helps clients prepare and present at live and broadcast engagements all over the world.

Guest Speakers.

The people you surround yourself with contribute to your identity and impact how others view you. Your brand becomes more respected if your guest speakers deliver memorable performances.

Our team can work to enhance the environment and assist your speakers with getting the true message of your brand across.