Create event experiences people will love!

Cogent knows how to plan and shape event experiences that people will remember. Our unique approach to production design blends creativity and innovative technology for an inspiring experience.

Build a great experience with Cogent

Our full-service approach lets us take your project from concept to market.

Event Strategy

We look at the big picture all the way down to the tiny details and working with our clients, we put together options to make their event a success.

Design & Production

Our team of designers can produce all the visual elements surrounding the event so all the elements work together to form a great experience.

Event Promotion

We know how to build amazing attendance numbers through integrated marketing campaigns coupled with generating viral attention on social media.

Event Logistics

Bajillion. That's how many details make up a successful event. Our team knows how to huddle up and keep the logistics under control.


We handle the high-tech audio/visual, lighting, bits-and-bytes of every event we put on to make sure the thunder rolls on cue.

Cogent Webcast

Broaden your market exposure by live-streaming your event. We can set up all the logistics and present your event in stunning high-def quality.

Cogent knows how to build a brand around an event

Creating the right brand image and market synergy around your event is what we do best.

Branded Event Materials

We can produce all of your event materials for you from concept-to-production. Our design team can tie it all together and make you look great! Having a single team work across your brand has huge advantages.

Integrated Branding Strategies

We have some of the best designers in the business ready to build a brand around your event. We know how to tie all the visual elements together for a great presentation.

Master the Tech. Master the Experience.

We have the best technology made and we know how to use it to give audiences a rich experience.

It takes a lot of tech to make an event come off without a hitch.

We bring to your event the best audio-visual, recording equipment, concert stage lighting, controllers and all the rest of the toys you can imagine, along with an experienced team to operate it all.

High-End Digital

Video Systems

Audio & Recording

Hear the Pin Drop

Sound Boards

Mixing It Up

Control Boards

Setting the Mood

Sound Equipment

Feel the Bass

Partnerships Around the Globe

Cogent Global Solutions can design and build your event at top venues around the world. We can create your event at leading resorts, hotels and sports/entertainment facilities. Anywhere where you want to be.